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Bill on December 30th, 2007

I’m not making this up, I swear. Denise went to visit our neighbors Sandy and Roy the other day and discovered that Sandy had cut a picture of a frog from a magazine and framed it on the wall above her toilet. I’m not sure who’s adapting to what, but am pretty sure there’s something […]

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Bill on December 29th, 2007

Hi, I”ve been thinking a little about the fragility of life and a whole range of options for living any of a variety of lives. Once again, I’m liking the concept of Intention as a frame for living, and hope that you won’t find the following insufferable. Perhaps every woman who reads this has experienced […]

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Bill on December 24th, 2007

Hi, Denise and I just spent a very pleasant hour or so over coffee watching the nearly-full moon set over the Bay of Las Galeras, this after a spirited round with the frog over possession of the bathroom. It’s a small and hollow satisfaction for me to know that I was correct in my first […]

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Bill on December 21st, 2007

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Bill on December 15th, 2007

Hi, I swear this is the sort of guy that we heard called a dragon when we were in Chiapas a few years ago. He sure as hell ain’t no gecko. He’s lurking in the shadows on the wall, up above the storage closet. He (I haven’t actually inspected closely to confirm gender, but let’s […]

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