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I haven’t written one of these little posts in such a very long time that you’ll be forgiven for thinking that I’d lost interest–or perhaps for thinking that some guy named Guido had broken both of my thumbs and they were healing badly. But the real reason I haven’t written is the usual reason for such things: sloth. In this case my sloth has been directed to the keyboard, when perhaps it would have better been pointed over towards the hammock. An idea worth pursuing, I think. But I digress…

After awhile, not writing to you became the new pattern. Rather than drop an occasional note to you, I began to wonder how best to break what had become an inordinate silence. Physicists call this, I believe, inertia. It’s a powerful force. Surely I’m not the first to discover that sloth plus inertia is an unrewarding equation? The “drafts” folder in my email software holds numerous more or less worthy attempts to break this new cycle–and don’t get me started on the drafts folder in my mind.

And then this morning it came to me, and in that most familiar and comfortable of places, the bathroom. Well, actually this particular bathroom isn’t all that comfortable. Don’t get me wrong: it’s clean and spacious and well-lit, but it is also cold and concrete and a bit damp–as might be expected of a bathroom in a campground in Wisconsin in June. It’s the sort of bathroom that one enjoys and then quickly departs unless, for example, one is an amphibian.


Turns Out It’s Actually a Toad…

I think we can all agree that this little guy is lovely, and generally more attractive than the frogs who frequent my bathroom at home. I suppose that a number of you may remember meeting the frog in my bathroom several years ago. (If not, you can relive the experience at

For now I’m camping and couch-surfing my way across the US for a couple of months, visiting family and friends and the occasional frog and collecting blue glass bottles along the way (details to be found in the Drafts Folder.) So do keep your eye out for blue bottles and a bug-spattered Honda. As for me, I’m soon to revisit the Drafts Folders; honestly.

Finally, I hope that the surprises in your life since last we’ve been together have been mostly wonderful, as they have in mine (for details of which we must check aforementioned DF.)

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