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…actually, it isn’t. But it’s sure a world apart from the days of .html coding and the Mosaic browser and the first Web page within the Painters Union back when we lived in Seattle. (That’s a large city way out west in Washington State, by the way. Out there, they believe that the State is the real Washington, and that Washington, DC is at best some sort of chimera. As we used to say: “The Other Washington.”)

Washington, DC at its worst? Well, read a newspaper.

At worst, it seems as if Washington, DC pervades Washington State, and nearly everywhere else. That’s true in government and it may be true enough in labor as well. It remains to be seen if that’s the case in retirement.

Anyway: I’ve got a little technical learning curve here. Bear with me, I’ll spare you the internals as I figure out how the WordPress tools work and how this stuff is done today. It’s probably easier than it was 15 years ago. Might be one of the few things that is.


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3 Comments on Blogs, CMS, RSS, FTP–it’s all too much for me…

  1. Fabian (aka Mike) says:

    I know this is probably a dumb question, but what is the English translation for ‘El Otro WA’?

  2. m3sal says:

    What is up with that password?


  3. admin says:


    Following up my e-mail from the 3rd: El Otro WA is a rough sort of translation of the phrase “The Other Washington.”

    Mary Anne,

    The password is one of your choosing. It’s so an interloper can’t post a comment, pretending to be you. It’s a one-time thing; you’ll never need to enter it to post a comment again–and I’ll never forward your address to someone else.

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