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I swear this is the sort of guy that we heard called a dragon when we were in Chiapas a few years ago.

He sure as hell ain’t no gecko.

He’s lurking in the shadows on the wall, up above the storage closet. He (I haven’t actually inspected closely to confirm gender, but let’s just stay with “he,” shall we?) looks exactly like the lizard that is one of the two ceremonial drawings done by the Taino, the indigenous population here on the island before all this silliness began.

He’s ferocious and lightning-quick. I saw him zeroing in on a bug in the corner at the ceiling and suddenly whip around to grab a pretty good-sized bug right out of the air.

I gave him the spotlight treatment with the 3-cell Maglite and he got all shy. He went to the only half-way hiding place up there, between the Coleman lantern box and the wall. Maybe he’s living in the box?

That would be OK. Someone ought to get some use out of it–they don’t sell Coleman fuel or white gas in the DR…

Oh, yeah: the frog’s put in another protracted appearance. Maybe these creatures took our journey to Sto. Dom. as a sign to move back in, I don’t know.

Today was a pruning and bush-whacking sort of day. I actually dropped a few trees with my little folding pruning saw and bucked them up for firewood.

All I need is a few sunny days to get the burn piles dry enough to smolder.

Unless it rains tonight, I’ll finish cleaning off the failed membrane on the rest of the roof tomorrow, preparing for that couple of dry days before applying the elastomeric roof membrane. Maybe I’ll hang the hammocks in their “permanent” location tomorrow, too.

Good times!

I’m 57 years old today. This is the best birthday I can remember.

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