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I’ve figured out how to create a “group address” using this Blackberry.

I’ve also deduced that our Internet provider limits the number of addresses in any one e-mail message to 10, as a way to limit the potential for Spam, I suppose.

Anyway, the members of this group are my mom, my dad and step-mother (through the kind auspices of my sister, Pat,) Heather, and every Yourtz e-mail address that I’ve got.

If you bump into anyone else who’d like to be on the receiving end of the occasional broadside from Las Galeras have them drop an e-mail to: dhanna or banderson

You can certainly feel free to forward any particular missive that you suppose may be of interest to someone else..

Of course, if you’ve had enough (or prefer to share our bon mots from the vantage of another’s mailbox) let us know that too, and we’ll spare you.

Regardless, know that you are in our thoughts frequently.

Life here is alternately breath-taking and difficult. I imagine that one day it will be simultaneously breathtaking and difficult, but can wait.

Today was a 7 hour expedition to Samana, the “big city” 35 km up the road.

It’s where we go for diesel fuel, banking, and currency exchange. Fried chicken and Spanish lessons, also.

We’re there once a week for a 2 hour Spanish class with an Argentina. The classes are pretty focused and take a lot of energy.

So does the drive over the road between Las Galeras and Samana. The road was never very good, although mostly paved. It was one of the “small roads, with big holes” (as distinguished from the other kind of highway “the big road, with small holes.”

I suppose that I mentioned to some of you that the road is now all torn to shreds as a water line is laid along the entire distance? Making the drive is an exercise in many things, but mostly patience.

The fried chicken is pretty terrific, though. I go for fried plantain with the chicken.Denise is a fan of the rice and beans. The place is a hole it the wall just down from the town’s single stoplight (which is more of a suggestion than a requirement.) The motorbikes are just hitting third gear as they pass the restaurant, so extensive conversation is a before or after dining occasion. Did I mention that the chicken is pretty terrific?

We washed the roof with bleach this evening so that I can make some repairs to the membrane and then re-coat it before beginning to paint inside the house.

All of our water excepting drinking water comes from the rain hitting the roof. Managing a cistern is a science that I am treating as an art for the time being, pending acquisition of a water analysis kit

We are very happy and feel quite fortunate.

Heather is talking seriously about visiting for a week or 10 days sometime in mid-January, but the calendar is otherwise pretty open.

Give us a day or 2 advance notice and I’ll knock down the wasp nest in the bathroom of the bungalow and otherwise make ready.

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3 Comments on Group Address

  1. Memo says:

    Here’s one really deceptive photo of Samana. The bridge, a legacy of the Trujillo regime, goes nowhere.


    I’ll post a few others that give a more accurate view of the town, although the town changes almost every day!

  2. Denise says:

    Yes–and the town really changes character when a cruise ship docks!

  3. Memo says:

    Here’s a look from (not AT) the roof of our house at sunset.


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