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Here are some photos from the “Shake-Out” phase of our 2009 road trip. I suspect that they appear in alphabetic order, according to the names I’ve given the photo files.

That’s as abstruse and reasonable as anything, I suppose.

This is one of several small lakes that we walked around before lunch one day in the Bruce Peninsula Provincial Park on Ontario, Canada.

The after lunch stroll.

At the very tip of the peninsula is a small working port.

This grotto is part of the Provincial Park and is a favorite with scuba divers and adventurous souls of all stripe.

Denise and a few feathered friends perched on the shore of Lake Huron.

Canadian graffito.

Denise, leaving Niagara.

Denise on the Shore of the Georgian Bay.

Field dog.

Full tractor.

Glass house, Buffalo, NY.

The intersection has encroached on the cemetary enough to give a completely pedestrian meaning to the phrase “crossing over.”

Yes, it’s the “David.” No, it’s not in Ontario.

Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls.

Railroad bridge, Harrisburg, PA.

Stone outhouse, somewhere in New York State.

Stratford, Ontario.

Tenting in Bruce Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Us at Niagara.

The West Montrose Bridge.

Work of a woodpecker, Bruce Provincial Park.

Denise thinks that many will be surprised to learn of the number of prisoner-of-war camps that were established in the United States during the 2nd World War. Maybe she’s right.

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