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Here we are in the back of the bus in Santo Domingo, and quite happy.

This photo of the main road up to our house is a couple of years out-of-date. See that little concrete patch? Call it the test for the current road.

Here we are at dinner with friends.

The hat of my young friend, Daniel.

Christian and I mix concrete for the bench.

Jerry, Cathy, and children being off-loaded by Kim Bedal, whale-watching mavin of Samana.

Cruise ship offshore in Samana.

Rice is an important agricultural product in the Dominican. Some of it is produced without much in the way of machinery.

A very early photo, before remodeling the porch and heavy lifting in the garden. Lovely, nevertheless?

Uwe, calling in the Petanque bowl?

Yours truly, playing Petanque.

Cows on the corner.

Towards the main crossroads in Las Galeras.

Oscar’s home is substantial, and interesting.

On the road to Las Terrenas.

“Cafe,” of course, is Spanish for Coffee. Anyway, you know what it means…

That should settle it.

Bill and Denise in the back of the bus.

The annual surf leaping competition in Cabarete…

House for sale. This sign now lives in our Kitchen in the “other” Washington.

A turkey vulture drying its wings.

Swell clouds.

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