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We finally stopped into a KOA campground last night, and were happy to do so as dusk approached. It’s sort of a lovely parking lot with all of the facilities, much the way I’d imagined. The night sky in the Middle of Nowhere, MT is quite something to see.

The Traveling Companion, who has a pretty good grasp of the consensus reality, woke up to 40 degrees and a brisk breeze blowing from the East this morning. It was 70 degrees and sunny on my side of the tent, so I was surprised when she announced that it was Winter and this camping business was over for the season.

I’m sure that she’s close to right, if not exactly right on the mark.

Today we’ll peek into Nevada City, a ghost town assembled from the wreckage of the mining boom in this valley during the 1890’s, stroll through Virginia City and then head into Yellowstone and some scenic mountain passes that I suppose haven’t yet closed for the Winter.

We’ve appreciated your suggestions and observations on this journey and have followed many of them, making note of others for future reference. We’ve also learned a few interesting things, and I guess that was the whole idea.

One I’ll share now: when visiting a town with lots and lots of friends in it (Seattle, for an instance) it may be a good idea to prevail upon one friend to have a big party of strangers (our friends) as a nice and efficient way to actually spend time with all of those you’d actually like to see. Dunno, I could imagine a fiasco also.

I’ll get back to you on that little notion.

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