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Well, let’s give it up for the Traveling Companion. Hip-Hip Hoorah!

We prowled the ghost town of Nevada City yesterday and then meandered over to West Yellowstone, MT enroute to the Bear Tooth scenic highway–only to discover that a piece of the highway is closed due to construction. It was better to figure this out when still in the town of West Yellowstone, especially since all lodging in the Park was already full, leaving tenting as our only option in the Park.

The alternate route to the Bear Tooth is about a five hour drive, so we spent the night in a swell little motel, complete with kitchenette and a home-cooked meal. This morning dawns with the temperature in the upper 20’s and us snug inside relaxing over the 2nd cup of coffee. Whooee!

We went to see the local opening of Julie and Julia last night and were in the audience of 10 at the single showing on Friday night. It’s the first time we’ve been inside a movie theater in probably a couple of years. We’re saving up.

The Traveling Companion has also weighed in on that little brain flash I suggested yesterday (big party, see everyone at once, etc.) and has pronounced it a TERRIBLE idea. She may be right about that but it’s an undeniably efficient terrible idea, no?

Autumn has arrived, no question of it here. I hope it’s comfortable wherever you are.

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