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Willie, mi amigo,

Desculpa mi par a yo escribo tu en englaise.

Thanks for checking on us after the storm. I don’t know if others of our family and friends noticed that we took a direct hit in Las Galeras.

It was quite something!

The winds built all day, with the rain coming in heavy bands. I suppose that was good for the water level in the cistern, but I had just stripped the membrane off 2/3 or the roof, exposing the concrete underneath. It will be awhile before it dries out enough to re-coat.

That’s just as well, because we kept to our plan to travel to Santo Domingo on Wednesday to update the registration of our vehicle and initiate the resident visa process. We saw much destruction, and took many detours on the journey, which took more than twice as long as normal. When we arrived in The Capital we went straight to the ferreteria and spent a small boatload of money on tools and household needs, and then off to a US-style supermercado for “snacks” before turning in to the hotel, which is not close to any restaurant.

I was still vibrating in harmony with the car when I drifted off to sleep.

We will have a lot of cleaning up to do when we return home, but suffered no serious damage.

I learned (after the fact) that the electricity company shut the power off several hours before the storm hit, as a safety measure. That works for me, because there were sure lots of wires down.

Here is Roger, we’re off to the government…

Hasta leugo

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