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Haswell, Colorado claims to have the world’s smallest jail. Certainly we’d all agree that it’s pretty small.

We passed 15 miles of idled auto-hauling rail cars waiting for production to pick up. Some of them were apparently headed to the scrap yard.

Colorado State Route 67 has 35 or 40 miles like this, and the scenery is magnificent. What little traffic there is disappears after dark.

This is the view from our campsite beside the stream that parallels Hwy. 67.

Here’s the campsite. See that tent? One more reasom to love REI.

Southern Colorado range.

Cripple Creek: it’s more than just a song.

The view from another campsite.

These are the largest sand dunes in North America, ranging up to 750′ in height.

Here’s a photo of some people, just for scale.

Did we make it all the way to the top?

Cliff Dwelling.


Morning in the campground.

This bridge is solid stone and needs only a road with a destination to provide another 100 years of service.

Lake at the campground outside Lawrence, Kansas.

Sheridan’s has the best custard, so far.

There’s a national tallgrass prairie preserve; this is their barn.

We camped in the Lacrosse, Kansas city park after visiting the barbed wire museum.

Barbed wire is pretty important, and more interesting than you might guess.

Prehistoric chalk formations.

Pioneer graffiti.

Modern swallow’s nests.

Buffalo Bill actually saved the American Bison from extinction by purchasing and protecting a small herd when fewer than 500 animals remained. This image was from previous years.

And there’s a BIG rain coming this way.


Falls City High School in the annual parade.

Trucks made the parade.

Catholic HS Marching Band.

All sorts of farm equipment was in the parade.

Guys on Parade, too.


John Wayne’s Boyhood Home.

Empty Campground.

I-80 Truckstop Truck Museum.

A Bunny at the State Fair.

Seasonal Model “A.”

Butter at the Iowa State Fair.

Pork Chops at the Iowa State Fair.

A 950 lb. Pumpkin takes 5th Place!

Prancing Ponies.

Windmill Blade.

THE Bridge in Madison County.

The Barn, a Bed and Breakfast


A look at the St. Louis Arch.JPG

And one more. It’s big.


Swedish Food in Illinois.

Abraham Lincoln’s Home.


One of the most moving Veterans Memorial I’ve ever seen, contains letters home from military personnel sent before their death.

Alas, Olney’s albino squirrel population has been reduced to a marble plaque.

2 lane bridge over the Ohio River between Madison, IN and Milton, KY.

Stream in Clifty Falls State Park, Indiana.

Coal is your friend.


The Creationist Museum outside Petersburg, KY.JPG

Mannequins from the Creationist Museum.

Creationist Museum, next exit.

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