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These past three months have found me not entirely bereft of thoughts worthy of attention, but the idea of sitting down at a computer to give voice to these ideas has felt somehow pointless in the face of the enormity of living without Denise. Actually, much of my best thinking recently has centered on themes of absence, grief, and loss and I’ve thought to spare you that which might seem maudlin. So, consider yourself spared and trust me when I say that you are, even as you may wince and prepare for such as may materialize in your in-box in the months that follow.

I do consider your vantage and will try to be both interesting and kind. Certainly I don’t want to wallow in self-pity, nor do I wish to flaunt my seeming freedom from labor, any more than you might find the spectacle of the former or the arrogance of the latter unworthy of the price of your time in admission.

So, vamos a ver. We shall see.

It is fair to say that I was daunted by the idea of talking about Denise’s death in these pages, when words in any language are such poor transport for the rich and varied freight of our marriage. And so that was another rationale for not writing–where in the Hell would I begin? But, finally, some weeks ago I did address both Denise’s death and my own loss. I imagine that you missed that, if only because I posted that short missive directly to the El Otro WA website ( and did not send it as an e-mail.

(With all due respect, I suppose that the majority of those of you who receive these missives from me have drawn some sort of personal Luddite line at the point of a RSS feed, and so might never come across these musings if they didn’t materialize in your in-box, unbidden–which come to think of it is really the whole point of a RSS feed, isn’t it?)

If I underestimate your technical mastery please drop a note back in response and I will delete your address from this manual list and we can allow the Really Simple Syndication technology to do its work for us both. Or perhaps you’ve just had enough and wish to gracefully exit this list: here you go.

In any event, I will recommend to you all the recent photo and posting to the El Otro WA website: “…and after Denise.”

As for me, I have returned to Las Galeras for the time being. Here, at least, no one wonders when I absently stare off into space for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. At this moment I’m thinking to stay here until sometime in September or October and then return to the US for a few months at least.

Of course at some point I’ll begin to think about what to do with the rest of my life, but not just as yet.

Even so, there are lots to tell you. I have news of the north coast aqueduct, an update on the state of Dominican roads, news of the Capital and the community here and of the recent work of the medio ambiante on la loma. Also, you may be surprised to hear that I have adopted a new philosophy regarding frog–and the tale of the cats alone is worth three or four postings. It’s all fascinating stuff rife with direct impacts to our individual and collective lives, I’m sure. So let’s face forward, shall we?

If you’ve stumbled across this page in a search for information about Las Galeras or living here, click the link to review the archives. Everything and nothing has changed in the time since the archived stories were first written.

I’ll be in touch soon. Until then, all the best,


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