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Well, Heather and Chad have been here for a few days and seem to be enjoying themselves.

They’re quite good guests, largely self-entertaining, they cook, and–most importantly–they religiously follow the pretty stringent water conservation practices of the casa, about which more, later.

As I said, they’re pretty independent and require no hand-holding. Nevertheless, they’ve provided a welcome break from the headlong rush to accomplish a few jobs of work around here (the bungalow deck is complete and lovely, btw.)

Even the couple of days that they independently launched off to the nearby beaches on foot were pretty lazy days around the house filled with magazine reading, hammock lounging, view admiring and navel gazing (my own.)

The third day we all mounted an expedition on foot to locate Playa Madama, a magical little cove and beach 30 or 40 minutes from home. We took rotating turns leading the way, including some pretty curious choices which we won’t go into here.

Anyway, we ultimately made our way there and spent a great afternoon there, largely alone. I managed to contract a small dose of sunburn, my first since arriving, way back on Thanksgiving.

H and C hired a boat to take them over to Playa Rincon yesterday rather than make the drive around and I again held down the hammock.

Today we’re again in a hired boat and off to Playa Fronton. Denise and I have never been but expect that it’s magnificent. A beach that is flanked by rock cliffs and only approachable by boat or by the most adventurous of hikers.

Chad returns to the US tomorrow and Heather not until Sunday. Denise departs for a month the following week and I move (remain?) in the “we’ll see” column.

If not careful, I’ll be the hold-up on today’s schedule, for a change.


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Here’s a look a the secluded cove at Playa Madama, a 30 minute hike from home. That’s a burro in the foreground, an infrequent visitor.

And here’s a peek at Playa Fronton.

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