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Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to go to the Circus of the Sun. I sure hope so.

I go every chance that I get and over the last 20 years I’ve had a fair number of opportunities.

The Cirque de Soliel was formed in Montreal a number of years ago with the happy joining of some number of acrobats and gymnasts with a troupe of street performers. To all appearances they’ve been growing and going strong ever since.

We first saw the Circus when a traveling troupe performed in Seattle. It was a magical performance and I, at any rate, was hooked. Since that time I have made a point of seeing the Cirque at every opportunity.

Denise and I saw traveling troupes in Seattle and in Washington DC and permanent installations in the wasteland–cultural and otherwise–that is Las Vegas. We saw them in Orlando, which followed Las Vegas’ lead–for many of the same reasons, and in Pascagoula, Mississippi (about which city I will mercifully say nothing other than to mention Haley Barbour.) In the US, Las Vegas is the place to catch the Cirque—there are multiple venues with different shows and that city now has something worth the trek to the desert, along with maybe the Blue Men and the gelato at the Bellagio .

Somehow I have never managed to see them in Montreal, so there’s something to look forward to in the Circus Department.

And now I have seen them in Santo Domingo. Here, going to the circus is a two-day expedition filled with bonhomie, adventurous driving, interesting side expeditions, good food and challenging hotel accommodations, peaking with the huge and uniquely Dominican cultural experience of the Cirque de Soleil in the National Sports Palace.

The NSP isn’t the best facility in which to stage a circus, but it was still a pretty swell show–and I’m not referring just to the crowd.

Check ‘em out when you get the chance, with a Caribbean crowd if you’re fortunate enough to have that opportunity present itself.


Hope all’s well with you.

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