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I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past several days, having come down with a bit of a cold. I don’t know if I contracted this guy by getting a chill after drenching labors in el jardin or what. I’m less compulsive about hand-washing here in the DR that in the US, not only as a conservation measure, but there’s a lot less human contact here for us.

Anyway, I’ve contracted a cold and am not coping too well because I don’t have too much experience with colds in the US, likely a direct result of aforementioned hand-washing habits (an old business agent practice–never pass an opportunity to shake a hand or to wash up.) I particularly resent that I’m feeling less than 100 per cent when the weather is so beautiful. It’s insult to injury, exactly like a summer cold.

However, I’ve turned the corner, am on the mend; can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and etc.

I continue to marvel at the ever-changing scene off the front porch.

We’re up on a volcanic bench 80 meters or so above the water and overlooking a farm and palm grove before the beach with its constant murmur or roar. We’ve got maybe 22–25 degrees of the Atlantic Ocean with a horizon broken only where the sky meets the sea and another 100 degrees of protected bay and an unpopulated peninsula opposite. More landforms and myriad green hills are off to the left for another 40 or 50 degrees.

Floating over the whole aspect are puffy cumulus clouds, stark white or various shades of grey, depending on if and how they may be shaded by their companions. The waters and the land change color similarly, also dependent on depth and variety under the variant light.

Maybe I’ll set the camera on an unmovable tripod and take pictures over a few days, so you can see what I mean. Probably not, though.

Today may be the day that we finish with the roof, but I’m betting another couple of days to be comfortable satisfied that it is once again impermeable. Or it may be the day that I work with the neighbor’s gardener down the fence line, Frost-fashion making everything lovely.

Denise cleaned up the garage yesterday, and I’ve nearly completed the construction of the workbench begun the day of the Tormenta Olga. Can organizing equipment and material be far behind?

Heather and a colleague are planning to visit us in mid January for a week or 10 days and we’re quite pleased with the prospect. Also quite curious to see how others will react to life in Las Galeras. It ain’t to resort and, as our neighbor says it’s not paradise.

But you can see it from here.

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