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Enough with fauna–on to the flora, and the sol, and las playas! (OK, not in that order, but all covered.)

I hired Junior, a young Dominican man, to help me whip the garden in to shape, clear the view from your bungalow, and get some of the plants trimmed up nicely. Denise thinks that Junior is very well proportioned, all by himself and you might well agree.

I believe that J. genuinely thinks that I’m quite strong but the truth is that the kid is killing me. I suppose that not too many foreigners actually work alongside him.

Yesterday we made an excursion to Las Terrenas, picked up a nightstand and lamp for the bungalow and a big fan for the occasional still night. Heather and Chad are good to be the “pilot” guests, and I’ll bet that we’re fairly thorough in anticipating what’s required but imagine that we’ll make a day trip to Las Terranas once during their stay to fill in any “staff” gap and to take advantage of the magnificent, and touristically developed, beaches there. We checked out the beaches here in Las Galeras on Sunday, and they’re pretty swell, too.

In addition, Playa Rincon is a 40 minute drive. I once walked on that magnificent beach for an hour and a quarter, encountering one other couple. Those days may be past, but it’s still grand.

Playa Madama is a 45 minute walk from home (bring your machete) and is a secluded cove with beach and shade and everything.

Our friends Stefano and Yocasty propose a picnic with Heather and Chad on Playa Fronton, which requires a short voyage by boat. We’ve never been, but it’s reportedly magnificent.

The hammocks are hung, and there’s a sunny/shady little “sub-garden” just right for reading here at home.

Heather asked about clothing: a lightweight pair of pants and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt or 2 will be welcome in the evening, or when traveling. (The Dominicans are pretty modest, actually.)

Even in Winter the sun is dangerously powerful, so they’ll plan accordingly and expect to leave brown like a berry. A hat is a good idea.

Denise asks that I mention Pepto-Bismol tablets, which may come in handy. We took one daily for the first few weeks, just because it was recommended.

Heather’s Hep-A question? Well, I’m certainly not going to recommend that they skip the inoculation, but it’s not an issue, as far as I know.

We’re looking forward to their visit and hope that they are getting excited too.

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Here are a couple of looks at Playa Madama, which is a rewarding 30 minute walk from home.

The Playita is a beach also within walking distance from Las Galeras.

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