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…we’re off!

This morning I woke up wondering—and not for the first time, just what it might have been that possessed me last November to purchase a second-hand camping car in Iowa and then trot off to Pinedale, Wyoming to store it for the winter

Of course, in many ways a big quonset hut in Pinedale is a great place to store a camping car: it’s been shielded from the sun and weather, it’s consistently been bathed in dry air—and hopeful it hasn’t been nibbled to pieces by one sort or another of high plains rodent since we parked it.

In any event, today we begin the 2,000 mile trek from our home in Maryland to our friends and RV-keepers in Pinedale, after which we’ll see how much of the seller’s orientation I remember from last fall or can otherwise divine from the accompanying copious and detailed manuals. And then we’ll hit the road, bringing all of the hypotheticals to an end.

(At least in theory,) we’ll keep you posted.

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