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Perhaps you’ve noticed that my missives from the Dominican have been quite infrequent over the past year or so? Even if you have noticed, I imagine that you’re coping nicely. Life for others does seem to go on as before, even if the center of my own little universe has shifted some.

At present, Denise and I are traveling in the woods north of Toronto.

We returned from seven months in Las Galeras in mid-May, took a few weeks to touch base with senior family of the East Coast persuasion and attend to such business as had piled up during our absence, an astonishing bit of which proved to be self-resolving. It’s impressive, what a few months of benign neglect can accomplish.

Our trip in Canada began in Chautauqua, NY, where we delivered my step-mother for a few weeks of relaxation and culture. For the first time in 30 years she made this journey alone this year: Dad died last autumn–on Election Day, actually. I like to think that he held on only long enough to ensure that our man prevailed in the run to the Presidency.

The senior Anderson was a pretty symbolic guy in many ways. I suppose that I inherited an interest in symbolic logic and communication from him, and a bit of his humor as well. Too bad his wicked drop-shot got held back in an eddy in the gene pool.

This trip to Canada is sort of a dry run for a 6 or 8 week road trip across the US late this summer. It’s my intention to re-invigorate the Blog I established at and continue posting there more regularly for several months. The road to success (or anywhere else, I suppose) begins with a good intention.


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