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When I asked for your thoughts and ideas about our road trip plans it hadn’t occurred to me that you would focus on the camping, rather than the scenic part of our plan–but you did send some pretty nifty ideas and share a wry observation or two. Several follow.

1. The father of a couple of active short people commended an ample supply of toilet paper in our travel kit. This theme was also addressed by a mountaineering pal who suggested paper coffee filters as an alternative. Not to fret, either one: ample TP has been part of the trunk kit for 25+ years (and haven’t needed it yet.)

2. One friend confessed that she’s always wondered exactly who actually purchased those tents and propane stoves she passed by in the sporting goods aisles. Now she realizes it must have been us. (Interestingly, her doppelganger just wandered by our campsite outside of Corning, NY looking as if she wondered who in the hell was that eating sushi at the picnic table in the campsite.)

3. From several sources we got helpful suggestions about keeping dry, preparing coffee, and building a fire. One pal suggested that we get motorcycles, which we could always sleep under if it gets cold. Thank-you, one and all.

But what I’d really welcome is any idea that you may care to share about places to go, things to do or see, with bonus points awarded for off-beat or particularly interesting suggestions. In return we’ll proffer a few opinions of our own.

This “shake-down” cruise is drawing to an end and we’ve confirmed that it’s affordable, practical, and thoroughly enjoyable way to see the country. Still don’t have any particular plan to our travels, beyond seeing the chimney swifts return to Chapman Elementary School in Portland sometime in mid-September, and doing the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup later that month.



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