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We’ve been preparing for our first house-guests when Heather and her pal Chad arrive on Thursday for 10 days or so. The preparations have taken on a little more substantial cast than we’d originally planned.

For example, in anticipation of a satisfactory bid from our carpenter, I’d removed a portion of the decayed deck fronting the guest bungalow. It’s the portion of the deck that one uses to transit from the bed and living areas of the bungalow to the bathroom, so it’s pretty important.

The carpenter showed up on Monday with his estimate, rather than Sunday, as planned. He must have decided that we got stoopid overnight, or that we have way more money than we know what to do with. Maybe both, since his labor bid was 10 times what we expected.

Since we’re neither stupid or rich, Denise and I removed the entire deck, located a couple of tools and some supplies that we did not have, and got the thing substantially framed yesterday.

One tool that we were not able to locate was a power saw and so I’m not much looking forward to putting the deck on today, but we’ll manage, I’m sure.

I’m betting that we’re substantially ready when they materialize and that they’re comfortable and are as captivated by this place as we are. (Heather, take note…)

We had 3 cool and rainy days in succession over the weekend; now it’s just a bit on the cool side. Still shorts-wearing weather, though, and the rain was good for the water level in the cistern.

We haven’t finished much of the furniture-purchasing, house-painting, and actual-home-making that is on our list but have made real headway on prepatory tasks: taming the garden (as much as that can ever be said to be tamed) varnishing the exposed wood on the new and much larger thatched roof over our porch, cleaning everything in sight, building a work bench and shelves in the garage, and mounting the occasional expedition to search for a dresser, lumber, lamps and such.

We’ve also made a trip to the Capital to begin the application process for a resident visa.

I’ll return to Santo Domingo on the 27th to put Denise on a plane to DC where she’ll meet up with a visiting friend from Denver. I’ll have the car serviced while in Sto. Dom.

I imagine that we’ll take a few “days off” while H and C are here and visit a few beaches, loaf and read, play Scrabble and etc. We’re looking forward to that, too.

Hope that all is well with you all and that your days are comfortable and the nights cozy.


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Here’s a look at the bungalow from the garden below.

Doesn’t require much comment, other than to observe that they last pretty well in a vase, too.

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