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A few of you have commiserated with our various encounters and travails, which is quite thoughtful and gratifyingly loyal of you. You are to be commended.

But I must clarify our experience, less we leave you with a less than accurate vision of our lives here in the Republica Dominicana. Simply put, we love our lives here.

It’s certainly true that circumstances of life are considerably different here from those in “The Other Washington” and it’s also the case that daily living is very different for us by virtue of our heritage, nationality, color, experience, and relative wealth. Both provide frequent occasion for us to learn many strange and wonderful things, including things we didn’t know (or had forgotten) about ourselves.

Face it: the opportunity to learn something new about oneself when in the mid-50’s is one hell of a gift.

Maybe even more important than the educational moments that life here provides us are the events, circumstances, and realizations that provide amusement. Both Denise and I enjoy the living daylights out these things and I hope that fact comes across in these missives.

We’re also pretty relaxed about the physical work here in Las Galeras and generally enjoy it. If the hammock doesn’t get hung today, it will get hung tomorrow. Or the next day. I am, after all, retired and am not on anything resembling a deadline or schedule..

So, by all means, you can join us in sympathizing and vicariously dodging the very substantial potholes on the roads, but realize with us as well that the roads are populated with things and people worth seeing and meeting and mostly the road seems to wind up at home.

A note:

When we started sending these notes to this electronically-formed group I mentioned that you should feel free to forward them to friends (mutual or otherwise) who might find them entertaining and that you should let me know if you’d prefer to drop off this list.

There have been a few additions to the group, and a couple have dropped off and so I repeat your liberty to forward and your capacity to revoke our license.

By the way, our frog returned in the middle of the night one day last week. I’m quite certain that I didn’t dream him up, floating lazily in the toilet, blinking up at me in the sudden light. (We’ve taken to turning on the light when entering the room. Sort of reconnoitering before going in. I guess that’s an accommodation?)

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1 Comment on Impressions

  1. admin says:

    Of course, these e-mails have been incorporated into the El Otro WA blog, which didn’t exist at the time they were written and sent.

    That may make for the occasional schizophrenic moment when the reader is unsure of the author’s place in time or space when writing.

    Hopefully that’s only an issue in these few older e-mails. 😉

    If that’s as difficult as life gets, you’ll be OK.

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