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Today, the day we commemorate the legacy of Martin Luther King, I’m reflecting on the paucity of genuine and progressive leadership across all manner of institutions in the United States and trying to not get too depressed.

Maybe we should stop waiting for the powerful and charismatic leader of masses and simply push smaller leaders when and wherever we find them.

Anyway, that’s my thought about leaders today: maybe we shouldn’t continue to collectively wait for the guy who can inspire octogenarians to change and teenagers to take to the streets at the same time.

In the et cetera department, Heather followed her pal Chad in exiting the Casa di Denise y Memo in Las Galeras yesterday after a 10 day shake-down cruise in the guest bungalow. By and large it went smoothly and the few small wrinkles were easily ironed out.

The American Eagle flight that both Chad (Thursday) and Heather (Sunday) scheduled to take is a relatively new addition to the quite small line-up of flights at El Catey. It’s also the only one with connections to the US. Other flights are European-only. It’s a new leg for AE and one that doesn’t as yet get a lot of traffic–8 people got off the plane when she arrived, for example.

That, or the claimed “maintenance” may explain why her flight home yesterday was canceled, which fact we discovered on arriving at El Catey a couple of hours after leaving Las Galeras. The next best option was apparently to rebook for the following day since H preferred not to bus to Sto. Dom. and overnight in Miami.

Rather than make the round trip to Las Galeras again she opted to spend the night proximate to the beach in Las Terrenas and take a cab back to the airport to try again this afternoon, a pretty sensible solution.

I’m hoping that the American Eagle flight to San Juan and thence to Orlando and Portland comes off with no further hitches. In any event we, and Heather, have their number and can now call ahead to confirm the flight.

It’s weird and probably indicative of things to come that the airport at El Catey is larger than those in Punta Cana, and Santiago. And yet it handles only one or two flights a day, with apparently varying degrees of regularity.

We certainly enjoyed their company; they’re both very considerate house guests.

The weather–nearly perfect during their visit–has turned a little cool and rainy today, near 70 degrees, I’d estimate.

Perhaps the hammock and a magazine beckon, maybe a little house painting on the veranda under the thatch. Or maybe another drive to Las Terrenas, I dunno.

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