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Gate Guardian

Ficus Before Haircut

Ficus After Haircut

Original Terrace

A Piece of the Terrace

Stone Walls in the Garden

Temporary Tile Shop When Re-Roofing


My friend, Daniel, helping in the bottle tree.

Thanks, Marco, for the loan of the ladder!

This area serves as temporary shop space for whatever project may be at hand. It’s also where we dance and where I hang laundry when it’s raining, or a hammock when it’s not.

Yoshira and Yomira at Playa Madama.

Yomira at Madama.

A working Cattle Egret.

A “Walking Stick” sort of bug.

Vanille, in hiding.

Sometimes the bay is obscured by falling rain.

A look at the bungalow before it was painted and the porch replaced.

Looking from the garden up to the gazebo at sunset.

A view of the corner of our property before we completed the stone wall.

Off the porch

Developing the infrastructure is very much a cooperative venture. All roads begin simply.

This is one of 7 or 8 truck loads of soil or rock moved into the garden so far this year. Looks and behaves like Georgia clay.

The Garden

Our Street.

The dog did not come with the house, but she is still a frequent and welcome visitor.

Our front door.

A look at the front garden and a piece of the driveway.

The view from our porch changes constantly and is never boring. The sound of the ocean is pretty varied, too.

The gazebo. A Dominican friend in the US looked at this photo and noted “This is where we will dance.” He was right.

This ain’t a picture of the hot water heater…

…this, however, is. It’s a good hot water heater, too.

The guest bungalow.

The sleeping loft in the bungalow.

When the evening sun goes down…

A dragon in the kitchen.

We find that you just can’t get enough of the dragons.

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