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I gave myself a break from intensive gardening today and attended to plumbing issues preparing for Heather and her pal Chad to visit a little over a week from now. I know that she’ll appreciate running water and the perfectly functioning toilet that were my accomplishments today.

Houses, like bodies, seem to fare best when they’re used. This bungalow is coming out of its deep storage quite nicely, but EVERYTHING needs, at minimum, a bit of attention

I’d been with tools and parts in the bowels of the toilet tank for 15 or 20 minutes before I noticed a small frog eying me warily from behind the fill tube.

I ignored him and continued about my business, replacing a few worn parts. The frog continued about his business, which seemed to consist of keeping a wary eye on my activities.

I opened the valve allowing the gravity flow to fill the tank and test my handiwork. As the tank filled, the frog inched up the inside wall of the tank. Didn’t want to get his feet wet, I suppose.

As he crept nearer the top I began pursuit, eventually leading to a spirited chase all over the bano.

I’m pleased to report that I eventually caught up with him and persuaded him that he’d be happier elsewhere. We’ll see. Thus far my powers of froggy persuasion are singularly unimpressive.

The toilet works just fine, by the way.

I never imagined that retirement would entail such focus on toilets. Early retirement, at least…

The days have been flying by here; it seems to be time to watch the sun set before I realize where the day’s gone. On the positive side, the sunsets generally are on a par with the sunrises.

We’re contemplating some construction, beyond the necessary “catch-up” maintenance. An additional and larger cistern first, perhaps followed by those portions of stone wall around the perimeter of our property that are missing.

Vamos a ver…

It’s been good to hear from those of you who’ve dropped a note. Thanks for keeping in touch occasionally.

With the scanning assistance of my brother-in-law my Dad and step-mother have even joined the era of electronic communication, an event Dad swore would never come to pass.

I hope all is well with you and yours, in every event.

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