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How to Find a Post

This Weblog is powered by the free WordPress software system. The most recent posts are automatically presented when you open the site.

It’s really quite simple to navigate the older posts by selecting the post you wish to read from either the “Archive” or “Previous Posts” section and then clicking on it. The archive is arranged chronologically.

RSS Syndication

There is a little orange icon in the header of the El Otro WA web page. If you click on that icon a window will open that offers you the option to subscribe to the page using something called a “Really Simple Syndication” feed. It’s painless.

At some point perhaps I’ll stop maintaining and using the e-mail list I’ve used thus far and will rely on RSS feeds to reach readers. At that time you’ll either be OK with RSS, or you’ll just let this go.

Either way, it won’t be the most difficult change you’ll face in life.


Some of the posts now have photos associated with them. There are a couple of additional pages, linked from the opening screen, that are nothing but a jumble of photos, many of which have some relationship to the various anecdotes herein.



It’s been really funny and gratifying to read your replies to my e-mail and to see what these stories have dredged up in your memories, whether the story of my Mom’s first washing machine, rural life in Central Florida, or the current weather report from the Himalayas. I do hope that you’ll register (only need to do it once!) and share your comments with other readers.


Please do.

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