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Denise and I didn’t feel a thing on the day of the earthquake in Haiti, but we do seem to feel more with each passing day since then.

The natural inclination has been to go to Port au Prince, but that would contribute little practical help and would only interject another hungry person into a chaotic situation.

Instead we have joined with neighbors and have sent trucks of rice and powdered milk and potable water and tinned food. We also made a contribution to support nurse volunteers who are traveling to Haiti supported by donations coordinated through their union.

The union is sponsoring all of the administrative costs and so every dollar contributed goes directly towards supporting a nurse volunteer in Haiti. Over 8,000 union nurses have answered that call. If you wish, you can make a (US tax-deductible) contribution in support of their effort at:

Coincidently, we were in Santo Domingo to pick up friends at the airport a couple of days ago. The scene was surreal. The disembarking passengers were: 1) jubilant Dominicans eager to hug waiting friends and family, 2) slightly stunned-looking tourists and, 3) purposeful rescue workers laden with equipment and dogs.

There are quite a few Haitians living in and around Las Galeras. They all lead what is pretty much a hand-to-mouth existence.

It is sobering to see the more fortunate among them going daily to the temporary and indefinite employment that will provide a little less than $18.00 in return for a full day of physical labor, knowing that many of them are worried and wondering about family and friends in the Haitian capital.

For us, Las Galeras is safe, comfortable and secure. I suppose that the same can also be said for where most of you are living; but that’s really just an accident of birth and geology, isn’t it?


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