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…is good news, I suppose.

We just plug slowly away: paint a little, gaze out at the ocean a little, cook a bit, read some, prune a bush and then before you know it, it’s time for a hand of cards and then off to bed. None of this has gotten old, excepting maybe the single pair of shorts designated to be the official painting clothes.

It hasn’t rained here in a couple of weeks and as a consequence things are beginning to get crispy and the road dusty. I’ve even taken to watering some of the more fragile plants on occasion.

In addition to the dry season it is also the season for humpback whales to calve off the coast. We can see them sometimes from our front porch, broaching the surface, spouting, rolling and such, although it’s impossible to make out the details of individuals at this distance.

I can see the end in sight for re-painting virtually every surface in our house. Remember the roof?

We’ve had friends over for dinner a few times since Denise returned and it’s always interesting. Denise is mastering the preparation of fish and is quite pleased with herself. As am I, I might add.

I’ve set up a few informational interviews for when we return and may try and pick up a project of 2 on a consultant basis, just to keep my hand in. We’ll see.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in May. Hope that all’s well with you and that the end of Winter is in sight!


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  1. Memo says:


    You can see why gazing off into the distance might be an attractive option.

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