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Denise and I just spent a very pleasant hour or so over coffee watching the nearly-full moon set over the Bay of Las Galeras, this after a spirited round with the frog over possession of the bathroom.

It’s a small and hollow satisfaction for me to know that I was correct in my first suspicion: the frog really DOES live in our bathroom. Denise observes that the bathroom is beginning to resemble a broom closet, what with all of the frog-wrangling tools lying about for convenience’ sake.

While I do enjoy the coffee here and the vista from the veranda is enthralling, I am also fond of a good snuggle in a comfortable bed. I find that early morning frog alerts are not conducive to the latter.

My friend Jocelyne suggested an approach that involved a yummy garlicky sauce, which I’ve mentioned to Senor Frog. He is not intimidated, nor does he seem to mind vigorous sweeping with the primary frog-wrangling tool, the broom.

I’m beginning to think that Catch and Release is an approach worth considering.

The reflection of the moon on the bay more fully informs my understanding of the Peruvian revolutionary group “Shining Path.” The reflection appeared substantial enough to support travel. We were pretty content with our bourgeois coffee and not too tempted to answer the call for the moment.

I spent a little time applying roof coating by moonlight last evening and was awakened by a passing shower in the night. I’m imagining that our roof is no worse for it–and I’m also wondering if the frog came in to get out of the rain.

Denise announced yesterday that she is completely over her small funk. I actually hadn’t noticed and suspect low blood sugar. That or perhaps her simple act of loading her Dominican cell phone with pesos so that she COULD call the U.S. or Italy was all it took.

We do miss you, but not enough to do much about it–other than send these missives, make the very occasional call and remind you of the invite to join us. Anyway, we enjoy hearing from you, too.

Hope that your holidays have been or are individually and collectively all that you wish.

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