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…and I don’t think that he’s just visiting.

Night before last Denise found a frog in the toilet, or perhaps the frog discovered us, the hulking strangers with all of the light. In any event, the frog dove for the depths, and we decided to use the toilet in the garage for the time being. I turned out the bathroom light, spread a little frog-welcoming cheer around the bathroom, and determined to wait him out.

After a time the frog decamped to the shower, and then slipped out the grill above the bathroom window. He’s a good-sized creature, close to a pound by my estimation. Unlike the frogs that I’ve known (or maybe I just don’t know frogs; I’m not sure) this guy can launch himself at a wall and stick 6 or 7 feet up off the floor. A pretty good talent, when you think of it.

Last night he was back lolling about in the bowl when Denise turned on the light. She quickly scooped him out and he returned to the his place on the wall of the shower. Believing that non-agression is the way to go, Denise ignored the frog and continued about her business.

I suppose the frog does not share her philosophy and he went on the offensive, launching himself at her back from his position high on the wall opposite her in the bathroom. This was a substantial attack and Denise took a significant hit.

The frog departed as previously, through the barred grill above the window.

In the middle of the night I heard him protesting loudly the fact that we’d lowered the top, as well as the seat of the toilet, depriving him of his private pond.

I suppose that we will adapt, as will he.

All’s well here–we’ve much to do and ample time in which to do it.

We enjoy our friends and neighbors and they seem to enjoy us also.

The food is a little different and quite healthy. Maybe I’ll get more powerful with the exercise of life in the Republica Dominicana. I’m sure that I’ll get more relaxed.

I’m typing this with thumbs, using a little BlackBerry device. In the interest of conserving the digits I’m copying a few friends and family who might be interested.

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1 Comment on There’s a Frog in Our Toilet…

  1. Memo says:

    The frog is apparently quite remarkable, at least in the eyes of many of our correspondents. For us he’s not very remarkable, certainly not when placed in the remarkable context of a life in Las Galeras.

    Here he is perched on the wall near the hot water heater. Might have been a cool day.
    Frog on Wall

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